Why is quran package installed by default on Texlive2020

Joseph Wright joseph.wright at morningstar2.co.uk
Fri May 15 12:28:17 CEST 2020

On 15/05/2020 11:24, Urs Liska wrote:
> Am Freitag, den 15.05.2020, 17:57 +0900 schrieb Norbert Preining:
>>> Norbert - Why does collection-xetex depend on quran - makes no
>>> sense.
>> Some collections **has** to depend on quran. Let me know which is
>> better
>> one! It is in -xetex because it requires xetex.
> Why does some collection have to depend on a given package at all? From
> the conceptual perspective I'd assum quran depends on -xetex not vice
> versa.
> Is this how TeX Live is organized, i.e. quran (or any other package) is
> only included if one of the collections depends on it?
> If so wouldn't it be useful to have a collection to pull in all non-
> essential packages? Because (although I have zero interest in whether
> quran is installed or not) I don't see why installing the -xetex
> collection would pull in that package. quran is not necessary to use
> XeTeX, isn't it?

If you only want the 'necessary', you install scheme-basic then add 
packages one-by-one. Using XeTeX only *requires* a small number of 
additional things, but then you are making lots of schemes that are 
more-or-less scheme-basic + a few things, and that's not really useful. 
(If you *really* want to minimise, you start with scheme-infra-only, 
which was added exactly for this purpose. But that's really only useful 
to people creating test systems.)


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