Why is quran package installed by default on Texlive2020

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> >> Dont need any reminder of horrific sept 11 either since live in USA.
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> > What I fail to understand is why you think that what you need has any relevance to what packages TeX Live should include.  TeX Live is not just for you, it is for everyone.  If you don't like what it includes, don't install it.
> And while you’re at it, also remove all Arabic numerals from your computer as well as any traces of algebra.
Not only algebra. You will have to take inspiration from Orwell's
newspeak (I hope you have read 1984). Word cipher is originally
Arabic. When Persian mathematician al-Khwarizmi (there are several
transliterations of الخوارزمی) translated the texts of Brahmagupta
from Sanskrit to Arabic (the language of Islam was Arabic although he
worked in the House of Wisdom in Tehran), he had to invent the name
for zero, which was śúnya (meaning empty) in Sanskrit, thus he used
sifr (صفر) which also means empty in Arabic. Arabic numbers were
forbidden by the government in mediaeval Italy because everything
Arabic was suspicious. However, Italian merchants found out that
calculation with Arabic numbers is easier, they continued to use it in
"secret writings", i.e. in ciphers. Word zero comes from Greek
zephiros (meaning empty) which comes from sifr. Thus you have to
remove anything related to secure communication (ssh, https, pgp
encryption and signatures) because it is Arabic. You must no longer
use algorithm of multiplication which was developed and explained by
al-Khwarizmi in Arabic. And you must not use algorithms at all,
because Italian merchants (when translating al-Khwarizmi's books from
Arabic to Latin) were not able to transliterate and pronounce the
name, the translator thus used al-Gorithmi which is the source of word

> What a bunch of crap.
> Simon

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