Problems with updating several texlive-packages (luatex.win32

Eduardo Rojas Rodríguez eduardo.rojasr at
Fri May 15 02:41:35 CEST 2020

Hi Akira

I apologize if I implied that I was pushing/rushing, it wasn't my intention, I just want to help, at least as an user and testing.

there is no hurry, rather thank you very much for everything! I'm very grateful for everyone's work!!
Eduardo Rojas Rodríguez

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Subject: Re: Problems with updating several texlive-packages (luatex.win32

Dear Eduardo,

> Hope this help! tlmgr still advertises updates to 55114 but in the 
> repos I see only packages of 55073 for all 3 pacakges (luatex.win32 
> luajittex.win32 luahbtex.win32)

You will have 55133 soon. Please wait further, sorry.


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