Problems with updating several texlive-packages (luatex.win32 luajittex.win32 luahbtex.win32)

Eduardo Rojas Rodríguez eduardo.rojasr at
Wed May 13 21:27:02 CEST 2020

Hi all

My name is Eduardo, I'm new in the mailing list, I have been using texlive for about a year for my Thesis, first I want to thank you all for the grate work!

I'm trying to replay to the thread about Problems with updating several texlive-packages (luatex.win32 luajittex.win32 luahbtex.win32) since yesterday I have the exact same problem when update the packages.
Luatex.win32, luajittex.win32 and luahbtex.win32 fail to install and actually this packages disappear form my installation.

I'm on Windows 10 (1909 OS build 18363.836)

Don't know if this help, but there was 3 updates of windows 10:

  1.  Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 (KB4552931)
  2.  Windows Malicius Software Remubla tool (KB890830)
  3.  Cumulative update for windows 10 (KB4556799)

I update Windows 10 before update muy Texlive, and this is where Luatex.win32, luajittex.win32 and luahbtex.win32 fail to install.

So I try a fresh install, uninstall and delete everything form TexLive also I disable my AV even run windows in safe mode but the fresh installation of texlive 2020 fail when reach de Luatex.win32, luajittex.win32 and luahbtex.win32 packages fail at the end it show this message for each package:

This is and example of  fail message form luahbtex.win32 From the installation.

Retrying to install: luahbtex.win32 [1515k]
TeXLive::TLUtils::check_file_and_remove: checksums differ for C:\Users\Eduardo\AppData\Local\Temp\Orls_QVGtB\He3a9hHrIq/luahbtex.win32.tar.xz:
TeXLive::TLUtils::check_file_and_remove:   tlchecksum=5e395b24bd9e710be88f1f2e2a3bd18022daf3cf1e2be18d27192eccea50f5ddaa122c6ae8cd4cce6b54d3a8608ae9e119d0dbf25d1e37aa2da8a986aa0a0c70, arg=04f90e04de858fb120852cebd84671f026b355fd1ac1acb5fee48f559f06709f8c25fa4f2ccf84a602de92ff728de5bfdc97610325c803540b349c2c3f1faf18
TeXLive::TLUtils::check_file_and_remove: backtrace:
-> C:/Users/Eduardo/AppData/Local/Temp/nss2BF4.tmp/install-tl-20200512/tlpkg/TeXLive/ TeXLive::TLUtils::check_file_and_remove
-> C:/Users/Eduardo/AppData/Local/Temp/nss2BF4.tmp/install-tl-20200512/tlpkg/TeXLive/ TeXLive::TLUtils::unpack
-> C:/Users/Eduardo/AppData/Local/Temp/nss2BF4.tmp/install-tl-20200512/tlpkg/TeXLive/ TeXLive::TLPDB::_install_data
-> C:/Users/Eduardo/AppData/Local/Temp/nss2BF4.tmp/install-tl-20200512/tlpkg/TeXLive/ TeXLive::TLPDB::not_virtual_install_package
-> C:/Users/Eduardo/AppData/Local/Temp/nss2BF4.tmp/install-tl-20200512/tlpkg/TeXLive/ TeXLive::TLPDB::install_package
-> C:/Users/Eduardo/AppData/Local/Temp/nss2BF4.tmp/install-tl-20200512/install-tl:2160: TeXLive::TLUtils::install_packages
-> C:/Users/Eduardo/AppData/Local/Temp/nss2BF4.tmp/install-tl-20200512/install-tl:980: main::do_install_packages
-> C:/Users/Eduardo/AppData/Local/Temp/nss2BF4.tmp/install-tl-20200512/install-tl:732: main::do_installation
TeXLive::TLUtils::check_file_and_remove:   removing C:\Users\Eduardo\AppData\Local\Temp\Orls_QVGtB\He3a9hHrIq/luahbtex.win32.tar.xz, but saving copy in C:\Users\Eduardo\AppData\Local\Temp\Toj6iaWFDc
TLPDB::_install_data: downloading did not succeed (check_file_and_remove failed) for
Installation failed.
Rerunning the installer will try to restart the installation.
Or you can restart by running the installer with:
  install-tl-windows.bat --profile installation.profile [YOUR-EXTRA-ARGS]
  install-tl-advanced.bat --profile installation.profile [YOUR-EXTRA-ARGS]
C:/Users/Eduardo/AppData/Local/Temp/nss2BF4.tmp/install-tl-20200512/install-tl: Writing log in current directory: C:/Users/Eduardo/AppData/Local/Temp/nss2BF4.tmp/install-tl.log

I have see in this mailing list that other people have the same problem, so I post this hoping help find a fix

Eduardo Rojas Rodríguez

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