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Colin Baxter m43cap at
Wed May 13 21:14:39 CEST 2020

Dear Richard,
>>>>> Richard Kleeman <richard.kleeman at> writes:

    > Colin, I tried your eps file instead and got precisely the same
    > error. I have been able to compile this file on earlier releases
    > of texlive as well (texlive 2019 and texlive 2015). So it appears
    > this may possibly be a bug in 2020. Do you know where to report
    > this and also do you know where I can get the texlive 2019 release
    > via the internet. I installed the official 2020 release that way
    > after my linux distro version (a prerelease of 2020) threw this
    > error but it did not help.

According to, bugs are sent to
public mailing list tex-live at with a link to However, I would suggest you
report it again to, where I first saw your post, or
to tex-live at (the same thing).

Before you do so, I suggest you check everything again. For example, if
you're using xdvi, I know there are issues with the display of graphics
to do with a bug in a version of ghostscript (I can't remember which one).

As to texlive2019, I got mine over the Internet using install-tl-unx.tar.gz
from The download is

Best wishes,

    > Richard

    > On 5/13/20 11:53 AM, Colin Baxter wrote:
    >> Dear Richard,
    >>>>>>> Richard Kleeman <richard.kleeman at> writes:
    >> > Colin, Thanks for the suggestion. I replaced the eps file with
    >> a > standard one from here
    >> >
    >> > and got an identical error message on compilation
    >> unfortunately.
    >> > Richard
    >> I've just compiled your latex example with an eps figure of my
    >> own. It compiles satisfactorily in latex and pdflatex, with
    >> texlive2019. So there is nothing wrong with your tex file. I've
    >> attached the eps figure I used, "co-con.eps". Try it and see what
    >> you get.
    >> Best wishes
    >> Colin

Colin Baxter

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