New binaries for Alpine Linux MUSL

Nelson H. F. Beebe beebe at
Mon May 11 17:28:31 CEST 2020

In offline exchanges with John Y <john_5555_ at>, we made
experiments over the weekend with using Void Linux MUSL binaries on
Alpine Linux MUSL.  That failed because of differing shared library

With some work, documented at

I'm pleased to announce a new set of binaries, including xindy and
Asymptote, for Alpine Linux and other systems that use MUSL instead of
GNU glibc.

The build was done with a recent (post-ISO) TeX Live source tree, so
TeX reports a version "2021/dev".  If that is a problem for anyone,
then I can likely redo the build with a source tree snapshot taken at
the time of the ISO release.

The Alpine binaries are for x86_64.  Four other architectures,
including x86, are supported by Alpine, but I have not built VMs for
any of them.  An x86 build would likely be straightforward, but I
don't plan to do so unless there is a need for it; x86 is pretty much
history, and Intel's CPU designs have largely focused on x86_64 since
2003 (see

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