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Mon May 4 21:47:26 CEST 2020

Hi List,

OK, so I've spent all day trying to whittle down a document to an MWE. The
problem turns out to be rather messy, so I'll see if I can describe it
verbally, and then we can discuss whether it makes sense to send a
not-very-minimal example.

So here's what's happening. I have a document with figure-wrap floats,
several foreign languages, some musical characters, and footnotes. I'm
using polyglossia for languages. Here's the breakage condition:

a figure wrap float, in the caption of which is a word in Greek, due to
formatting runs off the page. On the *next* page is a footnote containing
the musical characters (flats and sharps), in English. For whatever reason,
it's throwing an error that these glyphs are missing in the *Greek* font.
Sometimes it allows me to show the output anyway, and those glyphs -- even
though they're in text coded as US-English, using a font for which they are
present, they nevertheless show up as blanks in the footnote, but are
displayed in the main text.

If you prefer, I can attach that one page as pdf. But since the MWE
involves a specifically long figure, a long length of text, and enough
different language settings to get several languages into the document,
it's not going to be terribly small.

Another option to try to get around this would be to use a Greek font that
has the codepoints for musical characters available. Is there one?

Sorry this is so messy. My documents always end up being a bit …



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>> Minimal (non-)working example, please Andrew.
>> *Philip Taylor*
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