improving color stack in xdvipdfmx

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Hellenic-Institute.Uk
Wed Jun 24 12:59:19 CEST 2020

Shunsaku-san —

> I'm currently working on extending dvipdfmx to support various color
> models. (mostly finished but testing remains)
> This is implemented just as an extension to the existing color special
> of dvipdfmx, pdf:bcolor and pdf:ecolor, of the form:
>    \special{pdf:bcolor @colorspace [1.0 0.4 0]}
>    ...
>    \special{pdf:ecolor}
> where @colorspace is an object representing color space defined
> somewhere before. (/DeviceCMYK and other device color model
> names can also be used in place of object reference)
> For example, to use ICCBased color space,
>    \special{pdf:fstream @iccp (sRGB.icc) << /N 3 >>}
>    \special{pdf:obj @colorspace_srgb [ /ICCBased @iccp ]}
>    \special{pdf:bcolor @colorspace_srgb [0.0 1.0 0.0]}
>    Hello World!
>    \special{pdf:ecolor}
> Here, ICC profile "sRGB.icc" is loaded. Other color models are also
> supported. First define color space by pdf:obj and just refer to that
> object in pdf:bolor.
> Does this look OK?
> Thanks,
> Shunsaku Hirata

I am not sufficiently experienced in this field to say whether or not it 
looks "OK", but it certainly looks extremely useful.  I hope that Ulrike 
can offer a more expert oninion.  If you were to make this change, would 
it automatically carry through to xdvipdfmx (as slaved by XeTeX), or 
would that require additional work on your part ?

/Philip Taylor/

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