endofproofwd not working in TeX Live 2020

Scott Pakin scott-texlive at pakin.org
Tue Jun 23 05:36:51 CEST 2020

endofproofwd is rather broken in TeX Live 2020.  Here's a minimal

    The end. \wasserdicht

and here's the result:

    ! LaTeX Error: File `comon/endofproofwd.pdf_tex' not found.

endofproofwd.sty imports comon/endofproofwd.pdf_tex (yes, with a
hard-wired subdirectory), which does an \includegraphics of
endofproofwd.pdf.  TeX Live mistakenly installs endofproofwd.pdf in the
documentation directory (perhaps because CTAN mistakenly links to that
file as "Package documentation"?), which also implies that pdftex, etc.
won't be able to find it.

-- Scott

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