Install TexLive 2019 failed, what should I do? The problems show below:

Alois Steindl Alois.Steindl at
Tue Jan 28 12:29:16 CET 2020

Am 28.01.20 um 09:44 schrieb Lars Madsen:
> or just create c:\temp and place it there (or the downloads folder). 
> That's what I normally do with our users (uni) as our employees use 
> redirected drives (unc paths) that the installer doesn't always like 
> very much
> Note that installation of an USB can be very slow on windows
Of course; but how severe that is depends on the installation method. If 
the key contains only the setup environment and texlive is installed 
from the net, most of the time is spent for downloading.

Since I was very cautious about the computer literacy of the OP, I 
avoided to suggest some locations, where e.g. permission problems as in 
the root directory could occur.

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