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Manfred Lotz manfred at dante.de
Fri Jan 3 17:05:17 CET 2020

Hi Takuto,

On Sat, 4 Jan 2020 00:17:46 +0900
Takuto ASAKURA <tkt.asakura at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> sorry for my late response.
> The contents of the catalog descriptions such as "Package
> (source|user|) documentation" does nothing to do with the scoring of
> Texdoc. It only considers whether or not the catalog description
> exists.
> At this point, bidi.pdf wins over bidi-doc.pdf simply because the
> heuristic scoring prefers <package>.pdf than <package>-doc.pdf in
> general.

Thanks for clarifying. This is an important piece of information. 

So package authors should pay attention on naming a package
documentation especially when there is more than a single pdf for a

> As a simple workaround, I will adjust the score for bidi-doc in the
> default configuration file. Please be patient by the next release
> of Texdoc, which will be in a month (hopefully).

Perhaps it would be good to rename the bidi pdf docs like follows:

bidi.pdf -> bidi-source.pdf
bidi-doc.pdf -> bidi.pdf

Then you would not need to adjust scoring specifically for bidi.


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