xdvipdfmx-20200116 : additional q/Q bracket around BT...ET

Alexander Grahn A.Grahn at web.de
Sat Feb 29 00:30:31 CET 2020

Dear all,

current xdvipdfmx, version 2020-01-16, adds a q-Q-bracket around text (BT
... ET) in the page stream.

This prevents glyph outlines from being added to the clipping path in the
graphics state.

Below is a code example that puts the first text string into clipping mode in
order to add it to the clipping path. This allows the glyphs outlines to be
filled with colour afterwards. But with the current xdvipdfmx it isn't
possible anymore.

This method is used by the ocgx2 package to create colour links that are
printed in normal text colour on paper. Could the previous behaviour
please be restored?


* * *

\special{pdf:code q 7 Tr} % add text path to clipping path
Text in rendering mode `for clipping'.
\special{pdf:code 0 0 1 RG 0 0 1 rg -88888 -88888 99999 99999 re f Q} % fill text clipping path

Normal Text (rendering mode `fill').


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