babel greep and missing characters in TL2019

Norbert Preining preining at
Thu Feb 27 20:54:32 CET 2020

Hi Günther,

> Why isn't it loaded anymore?

Something the LaTeX Team has to answer, I guess because it is the
built-in encoding ...

> Thank you for making me aware of the problem. I will try a fix.
> See the first version of a patch below.

For my test cases to run smoothly, I need to add
otherwise problems with
	\MakeUpperCase {\textalpha}

> -\@ifl at aded{def}{tuenc}{
> -  \providecommand*{\greekfontencoding}{TU}
> +\ifdefined \UTFencname % set by "fontspec.sty"
> +  \providecommand*{\greekfontencoding}{\UTFencname} % typically TU 
>    \providecommand*{\bbl at greek@fontencdef}{greek-euenc}
> -  \renewcommand*{\LastDeclaredEncoding}{TU}

+ \renewcommand*{\LastDeclaredEncoding}{\UTFencname}



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