babel greek, MakeUpperCase, and \textalpha

Norbert Preining preining at
Thu Feb 27 01:58:14 CET 2020

Hi all,

another babel greek versus TU problem I guess:

% \renewcommand*{\greekfontencoding}{TU}
%  \renewcommand*{\bbl at greek@fontencdef}{greek-euenc}
%  \renewcommand*{\LastDeclaredEncoding}{TU}
\MakeUppercase  {\textalpha }

- without the makeatletter part
	LGR encoding and "A" shows up
- with the makeatletter part
	TU encoding and
	! LaTeX Error: Command \textAlpha unavailable in encoding TU.

BTW, this is not only for the textAlpha, but for several others, too.

Is this a bug in th TU encoding?



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