forcibly removed package stringenc

A.C. achirvasub at
Wed Feb 26 23:39:41 CET 2020


On February 26, 2020 5:25:41 PM EST, Karl Berry <karl at> wrote:
>    tlmgr: skipping forcibly removed package: stringenc
>    Is this by design?
>Well, tlmgr is trying to do what it's been told. Sounds like at some
>point you either explicitly or implicitly removed the stringenc.

Oh, certainly not explicitly. 

>I moved stringenc (and several other pkgs) to the basic
>yesterday, because hyperref depends on it, and hyperref is in c-latex.

I'm guessing that must have effected some strange interaction between the collections I have installed (I don't have everything, and this issue was popping up on two systems where the install is fairly minimal).

>Therefore I suggest running:
>tlmgr install stringenc

Yep, I did that shortly after writing; it worked fine and resolved the matter (on both machines where it manifested).

Thank you!


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