Today's update

Karl Berry karl at
Tue Feb 25 20:27:04 CET 2020

    including latex, pdflatex, lualatex (and their -dev versions) but while
    the xelatex-dev version was rebuilt the xelatex version was not
    mentioned. Is that correct?

Good question. At the moment, it is quite possible in general for -dev
to be rebuilt at the same time that non-dev rebuilds are not needed. 
-dev has more dependencies. They will be more or less the same
after the TL20 release.

However, I find it puzzling in this case, since I think the "latex"
package got updated, and that should have forced updating of
xelatex.fmt. Unfortunately I can't think of any good way to debug what
happened. We should figure out some way for fmtutil itself to log what
it does (e.g., why a rebuild happened) or doesn't do (packages checked).

Anyway, I think all the latex fmts will get rebuilt again tonight. (And
most nights, these days. :) --thanks, karl.

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