pdflatex error with fvextra and nimbusmono font

Akira Yokosawa akiyks at gmail.com
Sun Feb 9 08:58:50 CET 2020


I recently updated my TeX Live 2019 installation.
After the update, some of my LaTeX sources end up in errors.

Following is the MWE which is OK on a not-yet-updated machine:





This is a test of ``nimbusmono'' font with ``fvextra'' package.
Figure~\ref{fig:Verbatim Example} shows an example of ``Verbatim''.

\label{fig:Verbatim Example}
\caption{Verbatim Example}


On the updated machine, pdflatex fails with a message saying:

    !pdfTeX error: pdflatex (file fontools_ts1.enc): cannot open encoding file for reading
     ==> Fatal error occurred, no output PDF file produced!

If you replace "nimbusmono" with another monospace font such as
"inconsolata" or "newtxtt", pdflatex successfully produces PDF.

As you see, in the MWE above, "fvextra" is not necessary.
If you use just "fancyvrb", "nimbusmono" works fine.

I see that major upgrade in the font system is underway now.
Is this an intermittent issue and expected to be fixed soon?
Any hints are more than welcome!

        Thanks, Akira

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