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Ouch.  That’s not good.  I am probably using a hundred packages that might need to be installed and the process of running LuaLateX over and over and adding them in one by one sounds like an enormous process.  There has to be a better way.

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Hello.  I am a new user of this TeXLive.  I installed the most basic installation because I have very little space on my tablet device.  But when I try running Lualatex to process the file it stops with errors like:  “LaTeX Error:  File ‘luainputenc.sty’ not found.” Is there some way to get the installation to just prompt me to install it automatically?  I have no idea which packages I am missing.  Thanks.

texlive doesn't do auto installation

tlmgr install luainputenc

should install the package (incidentally luainputenc is a rather tricky and specialised beast so a simpler (and usually recommended) alternative would be not to load that package in your document).


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