compliation failure of minimal latex documents

Joseph Wright joseph.wright at
Wed Feb 5 10:09:58 CET 2020

On 05/02/2020 08:59, Maximilian Nöthe wrote:
> Hi all,
>> (For many people, installing all of TeX Live is their default 
>> position, so these things don't even show up.)
> I think this last thing is something that should be seriously 
> reconsidered and maybe a working group for a plan be formed.
> With the magnitude a full TeX Live (over 6GB) has reached now, it is 
> always a pain, even if one has the disk space and the bandwidth to 
> download it fast.

There are various collections already, so users can choose a smaller set 
up. Skipping source/doc is by far the easiest way to reduce size, but at 
the cost of documentation.

I meant primarily that the sort of people who test stuff tend to have a 
full install. That's unlikely to change even if the installation default 
were to. (For example, I have Win32 TL'09-TL'19 + MiKTeX + a Linux VM 
with TL'19 + WSL TL'19, all on my laptop SSD.)


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