compliation failure of minimal latex documents

Joseph Wright joseph.wright at
Tue Feb 4 23:47:40 CET 2020

On 04/02/2020 22:43, Karl Berry wrote:
> 1) I moved l3backend and l3kernel (but not the other l3*) to
> collection-latex from collection-latexrecommended.
> 2) I also made them both "triggers" for format rebuilding for all latex
> formats. Previously only l3kernel was. (I suspect that it is how tljack
> ended up with his scenario of only l3kernel installed.)
> At present, it seems no files from l3backend are read at .fmt time, but
> maybe that will change tonight. In any case, clearly it also needs to be
> installed if l3kernel is, so fine.  --thanks, karl.

The split is quite deliberate: l3backend is the 'dynamic' stuff that's 
shared by l3kernel, l3packages, l3experimental. The idea of moving it 
out of l3kernel was precisely that updating l3backend does *not* entail 
a format rebuild, as it only contains stuff that is loaded 
'dynamically'. But it is *required* by l3kernel, so all sounds good.


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