Default installed texlive package error

Alois Steindl Alois.Steindl at
Mon Aug 31 17:46:13 CEST 2020

you can find detailed installation instructions on and

Good luck

Am 31.08.2020 um 15:07 schrieb Саша Саша:
> In my distribution (LMDE 4) there is texlive from 2018, so I am unable 
> to get updates:
> user at pc:~/software/install-tl-20200830$ sudo tlmgr update --all
> (running on Debian, switching to user mode!)
> tlmgr: Remote repository is newer than local (2018 < 2020)
> Cross release updates are only supported with
>   update-tlmgr-latest(.sh/.exe) --update
> Please see for details.
> I tried to uninstall packages, but now I am getting this error because 
> of no sudo:
> user at pc:~/software/install-tl-20200830$ tlmgr update --all
> tlmgr: package repository 
> (verified)
> You don't have permission to change the installation in any way,
> specifically, the directory /usr/local/texlive/2020/tlpkg/ is not 
> writable.
> Please run this program as administrator, or contact your local admin.
> tlmgr: An error has occurred. See above messages. Exiting.
> And this with sudo:
> user at pc:~/software/install-tl-20200830$ sudo tlmgr update --all
> sudo: tlmgr: command not found
> How I am supposed to make sudo see texlive 2020?

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