problem in updating TEX with windows 8.1 command prompt

Axel E. Retif axel.retif at
Sat Aug 22 10:39:41 CEST 2020

On 8/21/20 5:38 PM, Reza Rezayi via tex-live wrote:

>    Hello. I was trying to update a version of TEX LIVE  installed many 
> years ago that I faced a problem.

According to the image you sent, you have TeXLive 2015. You can't update 
that any more: TeXLive distributions are “frozen” when a new one is 
released every year. I would advise you to install, if possible, this 
year distribution:

I don't use Windows, but the error I see in the image you sent seems to 
be about the code page you use (cp720). I don't know if it will cause a 
problem with a new TeXLive 2020 installation.

> Actually, can I ask you what should I do to be 
> able to use the format of REVTEX 4.2c?
>     Is it just sufficient to unzip the zipped file in texmf-local folder

According to the README in

yes, that will do ---but I can't be sure if revtex 4.2 (2019) will work 
fine under TeXLive 2015.



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