Proposal for texsrc command

Karl Berry karl at
Mon Aug 17 23:35:57 CEST 2020

    I would think that for LaTeX packages the best choice for source is
    the commented dtx file.  

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. For myself, there have been plenty of times
when I just want to see the actual code that's getting executed, not the
"commented" version with all the extra dtx stuff.

    I think the algorithm for searching sources is complex enough to make
    a texsrc command implementing it useful.

It seems to me that the most reasonable implementation would be as an
option to texdoc. docfiles and srcfiles are completely analogous in
texlive.tlpdb. All the same searches, fallbacks, special cases, have to
happen, etc.

Thus I suggest submitting it as a request at

For myself, I tend to just look at the package's files and view the one
I want. --best, karl.

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