[tex-live] Trouble with Czech/Slovak

Akira Kakuto kakuto at w32tex.org
Thu Aug 13 04:59:13 CEST 2020

Dear Werner,

> # from csplain:
> csplain pdftex - -etex -enc csplain-utf8.ini
> luacsplain luatex - -etex csplain.ini
> pdfcsplain luatex - -etex csplain.ini
> pdfcsplain pdftex - -etex -enc csplain-utf8.ini
> pdfcsplain xetex - -etex csplain.ini

These lines are the same as the ones in the TeX Live 2020.
However there are lines
        if echo "$src" | grep '/pdfcsplain$' >/dev/null; then
          # at p.olsak insistence: we have three pdfcsplain entries in
          # fmtutil.cnf with different engines, but the executable link
          # must point to pdftex.
          verbose_echo "forcing pdfcsplain destination to be pdftex"
        verbose_do ln -s "$dest" "$src"
in texlinks.sh in the TeX Live 2020, thus the executable pdfcsplain is
linked to pdftex. So you are using a different build environment
than the standard TeX Live 2020.


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