Minor (probable) bug with pdftexconfig.tex

Paul Vojta vojta at math.berkeley.edu
Wed Aug 5 23:15:45 CEST 2020

Hi all,

In the distributed texmf-dist, pdftexconfig.tex is in
texmf-dist/tex/generic/tex-ini-files/ :

  % ls tl2020src/Master/texmf-dist/tex/generic/*/pdftexconfig.tex

but in Master/tlpkg/TeXLive/TLPaper.pm I see:

  "pdftex"   => {
    sub => \&paper_pdftex,
    default_component => "tex/generic/config",
    default_file      => "pdftexconfig.tex",
    pkg => "pdftex",

Paul Vojta, vojta at math dot berkeley dot edu

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