Sync between kpsewhich and texdoc

Arash Esbati arash at
Wed Sep 18 22:31:56 CEST 2019

Hi all,

is it possible to sync the search order of kpsewhich and texdoc between
latex and latex-dev?  Currently, I get this:

    -> kpsewhich --all varioref.sty

    -> texdoc -l varioref
    1 /path/to/texlive/2019/texmf-dist/doc/latex-dev/tools/varioref.pdf
    2 /path/to/texlive/2019/texmf-dist/doc/latex/tools/varioref.pdf

I.e., I get the newer doc for the older package used in a .tex file.

Best, Arash

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