-dev packages gone and repo inconsistency (latex-graphics-dev appearing both as gone and updatable)

Sergio Callegari sergio.callegari at gmail.com
Tue Sep 17 09:51:13 CEST 2019


tlmgr update --list today reports -dev packages (latex-bin-dev, 
latex-graphics-dev, etc.) as gone. Is this expected? Is the testing period for 
new engines/formats finished?

Also, weirdly at the same time tlmgr update --list reports latex-graphics-dev to 
be both for "autorm" as missing from source and updatable to source with id 52096.

This finally leads the update to error as in:

tlmgr: inconsistency on (one of) the server(s): 
tlmgr: tlp for package latex-graphics-dev cannot be found, please report.

the issue does not seem to be mirror related though. Changing the mirror does 
not let tlmgr find latex-graphics-dev.

Is this expected?


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