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Tue Sep 10 18:51:04 CEST 2019


Le 10 sept. 2019 à 18:37, Daniel H. Luecking <luecking at uark.edu> a écrit :

> Zdenek Wagner wrote:
> >if you are a bit more verbose and type "texdoc texbytopic", it does
> >what you wish.
> To disambiguate less verbosely, type
>   texdoc bytopic
> or
>   texdoc texby
> >And if you do it frequently, you can set an alias by
> >alias topic="texdoc texbytopic"
> For a universal solution you could add a line in texdoc.cnf
> (or better, in the local addendum thereof, e.g.,
> texmf-local/texdoc/texdoc.cnf),
> alias topic=texbytopic
> Cheers,
> Dan

Thanks both of Daniel and Zdenek for helpful replies.
I can't test now the latest advice, 
(as ssh access to the distant computer gives me

$ texdoc topic
texlua: /lib64/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.14' not found (required by texlua)

but this is I presume due to very strange restricted environment
and possible x64 TL installation whereas ssh connects me to oldish things
due to paranoid sysadmins)

but back at my laptop I get

$ texdoc -l topic
 1 /Users/myusername/Library/texmf/doc/topic.pdf
Enter number of file to view, RET to view 1, anything else to skip: 0

This confirms that I was living in luxury at home with a topic.pdf
all for myself and the surprising (?) turn is that all other choices
are simply dropped...

By the way I fear my topic.pdf is not quite current... 



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