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Taylor, P P.Taylor at rhul.ac.uk
Wed Sep 4 15:39:21 CEST 2019

Lars Madsen wrote:

Perhaps you should mention which version of texlive you are using. Especially if it comes from a Linux dist

I use fully up to date upstream TeXLive 2019 (what this mailing list is about)

The original post in this thread has not yet materialised here, but using TeX Live 2016 I get information on a German-language package called "Schule".  If I then try the same from TeX Live 2019 (not necessarily up-to-date) I get the same result.  If I try "TeXdoc /?", I am shewn random information include thar on LM files, on the FP package, on editorial notes for LaTeX, and so on.  I would prefer TeXdoc to be deterministic and tell me if it has no information on "Schedule" or cannot understand "/?", rather then displaying something with a vaguely related name or just displaying a random documentation file ...

Philip Taylor
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