Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Oct 31 22:30:17 CET 2019

    [ Discussing that patch at:
      https://tug.org/pipermail/tex-live/2019-October/044222.html ]
    Does the patch look OK ... I've heard no comment, and the LaTeX team 
    were recently asked about exactly this issue at the macro level!

I think I replied that I would work on this (for the pdftex repo) as
soon as we got through adding the TL "versioning" of
containers. Finishing that is still a little while away.

Nothing problematic jumped out at me when I looked at the patch. Adding
a \pdfmajorversion seems the only plausible approach. It will take some
testing of including/generating with the various combinations to see if
anything untoward happens at runtime, I'm not smart enough to intuit all
that from looking at the changes. Plus updating the doc, which can often
lead to tweaking the code.

Assuming we want the same for the other engines, perhaps also send it to
Jonathan, Luigi, Akira, others, if not already done?

In any case, thanks very much for doing all the work. --best, karl.

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