luatex doesn't find files with non-ascii on windows

Akira Kakuto kakuto at
Tue Oct 29 01:50:27 CET 2019

Dear Ulrike,

> I asked the luatex maintainer, perhaps something can be found that
> is compatible to ConTeXt.

My method needs kpathsea to search for non-ascii named files.
So I thought that I should not use it for ConTeXt.
However I find that in the present ConTeXt,
\input kanji-name.tex
does not work on my Windows, where kanji-name.tex is a
file with Japanese kanji. It is not found.
So I think that it may not be bad to make -cmdx as the
default, and remove the option -cmdx.
Both in the old and the new cases, ConTeXt cannot find
non-ascii named files on Windows, but works fine for ascii names.


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