symlinks to installer not allowing portable installations

Karl Berry karl at
Mon Oct 21 00:24:38 CEST 2019

    It is straightforward to reproduce, just do a portable installation in a
    non-standard directory

Hmm, I could not reproduce that particular problem. The symlinks in
bin/x86_64-linux/ were still relative for me after a portable <V>
installation. Can you send me the tlpkg/texlive.profile file that
resulted from the broken installation?

In any case, I can certainly believe that it happens, since clearly the
new code makes a symlink to an absolute path; that was its purpose :).
I have reverted the change and will push it out again tonight as another
critical update (tlmgr update --self). We'll have to find another way to
deal with the original issue (which was preparing for versioned
.tar.xz filenames, as I briefly mentioned a couple weeks ago).


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