symlinks to installer not allowing portable installations

Alexandre Girao alexgirao at
Sun Oct 20 05:13:23 CEST 2019

Hi, I just subscribed to let you know my recent findings.

The revision 52189 (1) of some days ago adds a dependency to the installer
location, and I experienced 2 problems with this approach: the symlinks in
bin now points to the installer files (not portable anymore) and many
programs (e.g. pdflatex) fail to resolve the right installation directory
giving errors like "mktexfmt [ERROR]: -user mode but path setup is -sys
type, bailing out.".

It is straightforward to reproduce, just do a portable installation in a
non-standard directory, I am using linux (the latest centos 7, v7.7.1908)
and installing from a rsync'ed copy.


Alexandre Girao
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