How to configure ConText in TeXLive 2019

Pablo González L pablgonz at
Thu Oct 17 05:47:39 CEST 2019

> El mié., 16 oct. 2019 a las 22:20, Vladimir Lomov (<lomov.vl at>) escribió:
> Check if your environment has variables named as TEX*. I have TEXMFCNF
> in my environment that causes the similar issue but when I unset it and
> run
That's where the problem was. My .bashrc file contained:
export TEXMFCNF='~/texmf:'

>   $ mtxrun --generate; context --make ; context --version
> I see context version.
mtx-context     | ConTeXt Process Management 1.02
mtx-context     |
mtx-context     | main context file:
mtx-context     | current version: 2019.03.21 21:39

Now everything goes OK with context, but, I can no longer use my user
configuration for TEXMFAUXTREES :(
Any way to make both work?

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