Boris Veytsman borisv at
Wed Oct 16 18:49:46 CEST 2019

NP> Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2019 18:15:13 +0900
NP> From: Norbert Preining <norbert at>

NP> (@Petra: please see attached PDFs, it shows that LuaTeX with Noto
NP> Tibetan Serif actually displays all your examples correctly!)

NP> thanks for your hints, that helped a lot to improve a bit.

I wonder whether we can publish a paper in TUGboat about typesetting
Tibetian in TeX: from Aleph to Lua/XeTeX.  It would be sad if this is
buried in list archives.

Good luck


Real programmers don't draw flowcharts.  Flowcharts are, after all, the
illiterate's form of documentation.  Cavemen drew flowcharts; look how
much good it did them.

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