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Wed Oct 16 14:33:32 CEST 2019

On Wed, Oct 16, 2019 at 07:21:07PM +0900, Norbert Preining wrote:
> Now an observation: With luahblatex-dev loading luaotfload-dev 3.006-dev
> the "oM+'" ligature (top of second page) is broken. Here to confirm some
> lines from the log file
> LaTeX2e <2019-10-01> pre-release-3 (development 2019-10-16 branch)
> Lua module: luaotfload-main 2019-10-15 3.0006-dev luaotfload entry point
> Lua module: luaotfload-init 2019-10-15 3.0006-dev luaotfload submodule / initial
> ization
> Lua module: lualibs 2019-08-11 2.67 ConTeXt Lua standard libraries.
> Lua module: lualibs-extended 2019-08-11 2.67 ConTeXt Lua libraries -- extended c
> ollection.
> Lua module: luaotfload-log 2019-10-15 3.0006-dev luaotfload submodule / logging
> Lua module: luaotfload-parsers 2019-10-15 3.0006-dev luaotfload submodule / file
> list
> Lua module: luaotfload-configuration 2019-10-15 3.0006-dev luaotfload submodule
> While with plain luahblatex or lualatex, it works ... do you understand
> this?

It seems like other HarfBuzz users, especially (my terminal,)
LibreOffice and XeTeX also shows the dotted circle there. It is
automatically inserted by HarfBuzz and looking into it I think that it
corresponds to the shaping rules in Unicode.

Does this work in any non-TeX programs?

The problem is that Om (U+0F00) has Indic Syllabic Category "Other"
which is not one of the base letter categories.
Therefore it is not a valid base for the following U+0FB0 and HarfBuzz
inserts the dotted circle to provide a base for the subjoint letter.
(This doesn't happen with LuaTeX because the ConTeXt fontloader never
inserts these dotted circles on it's own AFAICT)
I can't say if this classification is correct because I don't know
anything about this script, but if the same problem exists  in other
programs it might be worth raising an issue on the HarfBuzz tracker.


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