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Wed Oct 16 09:30:39 CEST 2019

Hello Norbert,

>> I tried this with the current development branch for the HarfBuzz
>> support in luaotfload and got the same output as with XeTeX, so
>> luahbtex will be able to solve this issue.

> Can I test that somewhere, too? And which version/state of luahbtex is
> necessary?

Assuming that you know how to get luahbtex and luahblatex.exe:

You need a development version of luaotfload for this:

Marcel made yesterday a release that you can use:

Alternatively, if you want to keep track of the development you can
install luaotfload so that it is used with latex-dev:

Get the luaotfload git

Checkout the harfnode-dev branch

Run in the folder with the build.lua

   l3build install

This will install luaotfload in the tex/latex-dev folder of your

You then need also an luahblatex-dev entry in the fmtutil-sys and a
luahblatex-dev.exe  (a copy from luahblatex.exe).

Build the formats and then you can try. The log-file should
mention a 3.006 luaotfload.

To use harf you must declare the mode when loading the font. And as I
saw yesterday it is also necessary to correctly declare the script:


\setmainfont{Noto Sans Tibetan}[RawFeature={mode=harf;script=tibt;}]

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Ulrike Fischer

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