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Just to add what Karl said,

On Mon, 14 Oct 2019, Karl Berry wrote:
> Hi Joseph,
>     I notice that TL continues to build the Aleph format: does anyone know 
>     if this is useful today?
> I wouldn't expect (m)any new documents to be written for Aleph, but it

I do expect a considerable amount of documents. I at least have quite
some of them, and my guess is there are many more.

> If anyone is curious as to what it is -- Omega was the first engine with
> native Unicode support. Aleph primarily added the e-tex extensions to

And, it provided a programmable finite state automaton at the input side
of TeX (the OTP - Omega Translation Process), which allows to treat
complicated scripts like Tibetan or Devanagari without a preprocessor.

I still consider it the superior solution, at least concerning Tibetan:
Both luatex and xetex fail badly with Tibetan scripts and are
practically unusable for real typesetting.



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