pretesting please

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Sun Mar 31 15:32:43 CEST 2019

Since we don't seem to be making much progress with the various bugs I 
have reported concerning TeX Live 2019 (pre-test), I though that as I 
was in the office today I might see whether I can replicate these 
problems on another Win-7 64-bit machine.  I then realised that even to 
test the most basic functionality (can I install to locations of my 
choice, can I successfully run TLMGR as other than Administrator, are 
TeXdoc and TeXdocTK functional, ...), I have to download ("Rsynch") the 
entire pre-test repository.

Given that testing the infrastructure and testing the layered products 
are very different exercises, might it not be better to start the 
pre-test phase by populating the pre-test repository with only the 
/*necessary*/ and */sufficient/* (infrastructure) components, adding the 
layered products (packages, class files, fonts, etc) only once the 
infrastructure has been widely tested and proved robust ?

Philip Taylor
Taylor, P wrote:
> Trying "TeXdoctk" after a portable-mode install, I am told :
> C:\TeX\Lambda\bin\win32\runscript.tlu:902: command failed with exit 
> code 1: wperl.exe c:\TeX\Lambda\texmf-dist\scripts\texdoctk\"
> --------
> Philip Taylor wrote:
>> Trying to gain further insights into the following, I though to see 
>> what options "TLshell" would accept.  As it did not seem to recognise 
>> "[-]-help" or "[-]-?", I thought to try "TeXdoc TLshell".  It said 
>> nothing. Puzzled, I tried "TeXdoc XeTeX", which I have used many many 
>> times with previous versions of TeX Live. Again, it did nothing.  
>> Cany anyone offer any insights into this very disturbing behaviour, 
>> please ?  And is "TLMGR.bat" still supported, or should it be removed 
>> from the distribution ?
>> Philip Taylor
>> --------
>> Philip Taylor wrote:
>>> Still unable to launch the TeX Live Manager (TL-2019, pre-test) as 
>>> myself (see screenshotbelow & attached); it will launch successfully 
>>> only as Administrator.  Since I last reported this during this 
>>> year's pre-test phase, I have :
>>>   * Re-ownered C:\TeX to myself
>>>   * Granted owner full control over C:\TeX and all descendants thereof
>>>   * Migrated all TeX Live installations from 2008 to 2017 to
>>>     C:\TeX\Legacy\<year> (I have no earlier installations installed)
>>>   * Migrated the current TeX Live installation (2018) to C:\TeX\Live
>>>   * Installed TeX Live 2019 (pre-test) in C:\TeX\Lambda
>>> I investigated Siep's suggestion to install TeX Live 2019 (pre-test) 
>>> in portable mode but was not happy with the paths that it proposed, 
>>> and was not certain whether if I modified those paths it would still 
>>> be "portable" within the meaning of the Act.
>>> Philip Taylor
>>> --------

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