Open linker issues on FreeBSD

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at
Fri Mar 29 17:06:30 CET 2019

On Fri, 29 Mar 2019 at 16:57, Osipov, Michael wrote:
> > How old is this report / attempt? Can the binaries (other than asy and
> > xindy) be checked again?
> This has been reproduced after a year again. It is brand new. I have set
> up a new jail with 12-RELEASE on 12-STABLE and installed with tlinstall
> interactively. The executables have been pulled from the internet and
> not compiled by me:
> > ldadocgen at deblndw011x1j:/usr/local/ldadocgen/prod/texlive
> > $ stat -x ./2018/bin/amd64-freebsd/xetex
> >   File: "./2018/bin/amd64-freebsd/xetex"

Yes, TeX Live 2018 is "known to be broken" and there likely won't be
any update (it would require quite a bit of hacking to fix the
packages for the frozen archive, and then this would only be available
for about a month (maybe even less), and then replaced with TeX Live
2019). These problems should have been reported at least a month back
to fix them easily, at this point it's probably not worth the trouble.

> I have now installed TL 2019 pretest into the same jail and see
> definitively improvements:
> > ./xetex:


> but asy still broken:

Yes, that's fully expected, as explained earlier.
We need to definitely rebuild asy (it hasn't been touched since more
than one year), but there are a number of build issues with the latest
version (2.48) at the moment, so it might take a while before I can
build it in the desired way.

Is any other binary broken for you?

> Are you really linking against USES=readline?

No clue. This was last built more than a year ago.


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