will dvisvgm ship with support for PostScript specials (Windows, Mac OS)?

Akira Kakuto kakuto at w32tex.org
Thu Mar 28 01:46:13 CET 2019


> I apologize in advance for vagueness: a friend of mine
> on Windows reported, if I understand correctly, that
> TL2018 dvisvgm.exe does not work with PostScript specials.

dvisvgm for Windows in TeX Live 2018, and 2019 supports PostScript specials.
In the case of TL-2018,  I updated dvisvgm after the first release.
Therefore I think that a frienf of you has an old dvisvgm.

In TL-2018 and TL-2019, gsdll32.dll is loaded as follows:
(1) If gsdll32.dll is written in the registry, dvisvgm reads it.
(2) If a user does not install his own Ghostscript, gsdll32.dll
     is loaded from the preinstalled Ghostscript.

In the present TL-2019,
dvisvgm -Vy

dvisvgm 2.6.3 (TeX Live 2019/W32TeX)
brotli:      1.0.7
clipper:     6.2.1
fontforge:   20160721
freetype:    2.9.1
Ghostscript: 9.26
kpathsea:    6.3.1
potrace:     1.15
xxhash:      0.6.5
zlib:        1.2.11

where, user-installed Ghostscript does not exist, so preinstalled gsdll32.dll is loaded.

In the case of 64bit dvisvgm, users should install
64bit Ghostscript, since the preinstalled Ghostscript is 32bit.


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