Potentially erroneous CID-GID mapping created by LuaTeX

Simon Dierl simon.dierl at cs.tu-dortmund.de
Tue Mar 26 22:59:10 CET 2019


> If so, a simple \pdfvariable omitcidset=1 will do the trick

Thanks for the help, although I found that trick out the hard way.
(Footnote [3] is the Lua-based way to achieve the same.)

My point is: I think that LuaLaTeX might be sort-of misbehaving here
and disabling CIDSet writing just works around the issue. Instead of
(just) adding the workaround to pdfx, it might be preferable if the
underlying issue in the font writing code could be addressed by the
LuaLaTeX developers.


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