Pretest: dvi LaTeX, fontenc, type3 fonts

Brian Dunn bd at
Tue Mar 26 05:08:57 CET 2019

> Do you have cm-super installed?  

I was testing a minimal install.  It's fine with cm-super installed.

The following will be added to the next version of the lwarp package to
handle the situation.  If using DVI or PDF latex, the font is cmr, and
cm-super is not loaded, it tries to load lmodern, else it errors and tells
the user how to fix the problem.

  \ifdefstring{\f at family}{cmr}{
    \IfFileExists{type1ec.sty}% found only in cm-super
    {% cm-super not installed
        \PackageInfo{lwarp}{cm-super not installed, loading lmodern}
          Lwarp requires a vector font.\MessageBreak
          Install and load cm-super, lmodern, or another\MessageBreak
          Type-1 vector font before loading lwarp%
          Install cm-super or lmodern, and use\MessageBreak
            \space\space\protect\usepackage{cm-super} -or-
    }% cm-super not installed
  }{}% f at family


> Why you're getting the bad bounding boxes in the fontenc case, I can't
> say without seeing what actually went awry.  

They may be a bug in xpdf.  My version is a few years old.


Brian Dunn
BD Tech Concepts LLC

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