The (tlmgr) options ... have been superseded by verify-repo

jfbu jfbu at
Mon Mar 25 10:04:19 CET 2019

Hi Norbert,

Le 25 mars 2019 à 09:56, Norbert Preining <norbert at> a écrit :

> Hi
>> (inherited by copy paste from a TL2018 config)
> *and* not having updated since TL2018 DVD, right?

Yes, right. But apologies, it actually came from my TL2017 config,
for some reason I find no such tlmgr/config in my TL2018, however
I fiddled last month with all my TL20xx as I needed to make space
and moved them to external storage. I my have fiddled then
by cleaning up that config file (as I removed all tlmgr backups
or other temp files).

>> and tlmgr refuses to update
> Yes.
>> However, no indication is given that the problem comes
>> from a config file.
> ?? From where should it come otherwise, either a config file or the
> command line. Not from the/a/some god.

I understand, but imagine some malicious person placed that
config, imagine that I don't have access rights to 2019/texmf-config/tlmgr
as is default if installation was done by an sudo user with admin
rights and perhaps I have no admin rights.

>> tlmgr: (check tlmgr configuration files; cf tlmgr man page or --help)
> Hmm ... I don't want to add these kind of things for each and every
> misconfiguration, but I leave judgment to others.

Surely this can wait and see if people get into this issue : I concur
probability is very weak.



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