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Siep Kroonenberg wrote:

Just try. The effect on the installer interface is immediate.

OK, I may try that.  But in the meantime I am performing a binary search on all TeX Lives from 2008 to date in order to find the year in which our Lexicon of Abbreviations & Ligatures in Greek Minuscule Hands ceased to compile, and to facilitate this I now have a new hierarchy, C:\TeX\Legacy\<year>.  If I move all older instances of TeX Live from C:\TeX\Live to C:\TeX\Legacy, do you think that use of the portable installation will still be necessary for TeX Live 2019 ?

Anyhow, you should be able to define custom locations of trees in

OK, noted.  Thank you.

tlshell checks the registry whether it needs privilege escalation,
and does some murky process token stuff to check whether it has
administrative permissions.

I guess that tlshell does not find the relevant registry entry,
otherwise you would have gotten a UAC prompt.

Maybe it was a search path problem, which should be fixed in the
latest upload.

OK, since this is purely for testing purposes I will probably delete everything under C:\TeX\Live\2019, re-rsynch, start again and report back.

Or maybe the TL tree is read-only for non-adminstrators, although I
think that would have led to different symptoms.

Well, in the past I have always installed as Administrator, but that has led to so many problems that this year I installed as myself (an intentionally non-privileged user).  I shall continue to use the latter option unless advised otherwise.  But is there really no debugging switch/aid/tool(s) for "tlshell" ?

** Phil.
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