installer message about /usr/local/texlive/2019 not being writable

Taylor, P P.Taylor at
Sat Mar 23 09:39:33 CET 2019

Zdenek Wagner wrote:
> No. The installer needs to create /usr/local/texlive/2019. Although
> there is a command for creating it together with the parents, it is
> actually done step by step. /usr/local already exists. The first step
> is creation of /usr/local/texlive. If /usr/local is not writable, it
> fails. If /usr/local/texlive already exists, the installer creates
> /usr/loca/ltexlive/2019, which means that only /usr/local/texlive has
> to be writable.

OK, but that was not clear from Norbert's message.  He wrote only of the 
first step (the testing of /usr/local for writeability), which in your 
case would fail.  He did not go in to enumerate the other steps you 
mention, so it seemed from his earlier message that the installer should 
have reported-and-aborted and this point.

** Phil.

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