luacsplain please

Karl Berry karl at
Fri Mar 22 17:10:37 CET 2019

Petr - It is not practical to use symlinks for .fmt files.
So, equivalently, I added the line to fmtutil.cnf (via csplain.tlpsrc)
  luacsplain luatex - -etex csplain.ini
luacsplain.fmt will be created in the usual way in installations, namely
by running
  luatex -ini -etex csplain.ini

Your previous pdfcsplain.fmt-made-with-luatex is unchanged, so it will
also be created and should be effectively identical.

I added links (copy in the case of win32) in the bin/* dirs for luacsplain.

In svn now (r50528), should all show up after tonight's build.

Hope it flies,

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