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Petr Olsak petr at
Thu Mar 21 07:07:14 CET 2019


I'v installed tlpretest 2019 and everything seems to be OK (from my 
documents of view).

I wish to add new command to TeXlive which calls "luacsplain" and it is 
a shortcut for "luatex -fmt pdfcsplain". The "pdfcsplain" command exists 
and it means "pdftex -fmt pdfcsplain". So, pdfcsplain -> luacsplain may 
be something analogical to pdflatex -> lualatex.

I did major change in luatex -fmt pdfcsplain last week: now, it loads 
all hyphen patterns dynanically (except patterns 0).  And I am ready to 
propagate this form of CSPlain as preferred for future. This is a reason 
of my need of a shortcut "luacsplain".

I mean that it si much more simple to new users of CSplain to use 
luacsplain and not to waste time to study a special and old "encoding 
dance" used in CSplain in 1990s. But the pdfcsplain command may be kept 
for conservative users.

The existing possibility to run luacsplain via "lautex -fmt pdfcsplain" 
may be kept unchanged because this is impossible to remove this from all 
documentation about CSplain (and from all home-made configurations which 
is based on this command). So new command may be implemented as link

ln -s pdfcsplain.fmt luacsplain.fmt ... in texmf-var/web2c/luatex/  and

ln -s luatex luacsplain  ... in binaries.

Thank you

Petr Olsak

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