Linux .desktop equivalents to Windows Start menu shortcuts

Zdenek Wagner zdenek.wagner at
Wed Mar 20 11:32:05 CET 2019

st 20. 3. 2019 v 11:07 odesílatel Norbert Preining <preining at> napsal:
> Hi Zdenek,
> > I have two small bash scripts, one for a menu, one for a desktop icon.
> > Of course, both can be done in a single script, it was just a test. I
> > have also the .desktop files but for a dummy application, I was only
> > looking for a working test.
> What does the shell script(s) do? Generate a .desktop file, but for
> which program?
It might be better to generate the .desktop file manually and include
it in the installer package but since it is a plain text file, it can
be generated by any script on demand. My experiments are now available
When developing a software tool, I always test small building blocks separately

> > As I found, if the .desktop files are just copied to the directories,
> > they do not work, it is necessary to restart X. If xdg-install-menu
> > and xdg-install-icon are used, they work immediatelly.
> On Debian it works. This is distribution specific. Even if I put a
> .desktop file into /usr/local/share/applications/ I automatically get it
> working. Same under $HOME.
I have only tried KDE in Fedora. It is possible that even Gnome in
Fedora behaves differently.

> Best
> Norbert

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