[TL install] Confusing final message in case of symlinks

Denis Bitouzé dbitouze at wanadoo.fr
Wed Mar 20 08:44:25 CET 2019

Le 19/03/19 à 16h52, Karl Berry a écrit :

>     has been chosen, the final message:
>     ...
>     should not be displayed, as it is confusing and would lead to
>     useless extra configurations.
> Hmm. I agree you have a point, although I think the symlink option is so
> problematic for reliability and maintenance that I don't like to do
> anything that suggests that people use it or rely on those links.

IIRC, we already have a discussion on this topic some years ago :)

Symlinks are IMHO so much simpler that I still advise them during my
LaTeX courses. The only problem I've seen is for binaries installed
afterwards that are not found but, if I'm right, it is just a matter of
recreate the symlinks.

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